The Human Impact onClimate – New Evidence from Observations


Klimafaktor Mensch – Die Indizien verdichten sich


This is a short movie about the research project No. 297 41 132 of the German Federal Environmental Agency.

It is comissioned by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and

 Nuclear Safety and the German Federal Environmental Agency, Division II 6.2.

Authors are Jürgen Grieser, Tim Staeger and Christian-D. Schönwiese.


The spoken text of the movies can be found downloaded in English or German.


The Microsoft-Windows executable files climate_impact.exe (English)

and klimafaktor.exe (German) are independent runnig movies

in fullscreen mode. There are little control functions (no winding).

So it is good for presentation. The movie can be stopped with ESC. Some

control functions are available in the menue.


The files (English) and (German) is a QuickTime movie.

You need the associated QuickTime player to watch it (available for free at The control functions are very good

and the performance is better. Unfortunately you need the commercial

version of the player if you like to view in fullscreen mode (QuickTime Pro, US$ 29.90).


The movies performing the better the faster the CPU (Pentium III and

AMD Athlon are recommended).


There are known incompatibilities between some soundcards and

klimafaktor.exe. If it's the case you hear a clicking noise. The

following cards are reported to show this symptom:


     Crystal Audio System (found in the IBM Intellistation E Pro)


     Soundblaster Audio PCI 64D


     Soundblaster Audio PCI 128D


     ESS Maestro-2E (found in Dell Inspiron laptops)


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